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:–: Parish of Aghaloo, County Tyrone

::–:: Townlands in the Manor of Kinard (Caledon), 1613–1708

After a review of the changes in townland names and landlords in the Manor of Kinard between 1613–1708, a map has been produced to show the 1613 grants in Minterburn (county Tyrone) and Tiranny (county Armagh) territories, supplemented by information from the Down Survey 1656-58. The article concludes with a list of townlands, named in the 1613 grants to the O'Neills, but which were not found in modern townland databases or maps.

This blog article is a sequel, of sorts, to the last, in which I explored variant spellings of townlands in the Manor of Caledon—comparing place names dating back to the early 1600s, as studied and compiled by the Northern Ireland Place-Name Project, with those given in Memorial no. 1-472-368 in 1708 (John Hamilton to Lord Archbishop of Dublin, dated 15 & 16 February 1708). Index entries submitted by Alison Kilpatrick to Registry of Deeds Index Project Ireland, www.irishdeedsindex.net, 2017-02-22). Since then, I've led a merry chase down the Ulster Plantation and 1641 Rebellion (or Irish Uprising) paths in order to learn more about the early proprietors of the Manor of Kinard (also Kenard, or Kinnaird)—later called Caledon—and the extent of their land holdings. Eventually, that is, as I make my way through the Memorials of deeds for the parish of Aghaloo, I hope to trace the changes in the Manor of Caledon from 1708–c.1858 (perhaps later).

The result of this effort is the map below, which illustrates the locations of these townlands—where it was possible to do so—in the parish of Aghaloo, and parts of the parishes of Clonfeacle and Tynan. The limitations of this exercise are outlined beneath the map.

Map of the
      mannor of Kinard, showing 1613 grants in Minterburn and Tiranny
      territories, supplemented by information from the Down Survey
      1656-68 of land holdings as at October 25, 1641

Limitations in the construction and study of this map:

Down Survey map
      of the forfeited parts of the parishes of Clonfeacle and Aghalow,
      depicting land holdings as of October, 1641

"Lost" townlands – The following place names—a "most wanted" list awaiting resolution—as stated in the 1613 grants to the O'Neills, could not be found in townland databases or on either contemporary or modern maps:

In addition, there were a few puzzlements:

As usual, this will be a continuing project subject to updates and corrections as I learn more from records in libraries and archives, scholarly journal articles, and similar resources. Please drop a line to the editor if you wish to share information for this study.

The study of nomenclature is interesting enough but, arguably, only to the degree that it informs our understanding of social history. Thus, the information gathered about townland names will be input into local histories for the townlands of the parish of Aghaloo—more on this caper anon.

Source citation for this page: Kilpatrick, Alison. "Townlands in the Manor of Kinard, county Tyrone, 1613–1708." Published 1 April 2017 (rev. 10 March 2020); online at Arborealis, www.arborealis.ca/lochist/ireland/aghaloo-kinard2.html; accessed [insert today's date].