Family history
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This is the home page for the genealogy of the Cook, Lacey, Etches, and Rose families with connections to Kent County in Ontario, Canada. The Cook line begins with Louis James Cook (1921–2003) of Chatham, and the Lacey line begins with Louis' wife, Margarete Lavene Lacey (1926–2014) of Merlin, Kent County. —Please note that this research has been guided by the "Genealogical Proof Standard." —See also the Index of names recorded in this family history project, and draft family tree charts prepared at various stages of this research project. —Every effort has been taken to ensure that living persons have not been included in this family history project. —Please drop a note to the editor of Arborealis to seek permission to reproduce any of the material presented in the Cook, Lacey, Etches and Rose family history pages, or to contribute information or photographs to enrich and enliven these family history outlines.

The following is a list of the surnames of direct ancestors for the Cook, Lacey, Etches, and Rose families, with links to their respective home pages. Several of these pages continue to be works in progress.

The "Genealogical Proof Standard" sets guidelines for:

Some genealogical puzzles—or family history mysteries—simply cannot be solved, most often because the records which could provide the needed information simply don't exist, or when conflicting data is found. For example, let's say that you've found two "John Smith"s born in about 1860, and they are first cousins. One of them marries your second great grandmother. If you don't have a marriage record stating the name of the bride groom's father, or a last will and testament telling you who the children are, how would you know which John Smith is your second great grandfather? If you decide to search and search for the elusive clues which will clarify which John Smith is the one you seek, but still don't find the answer, which John Smith do you choose? The answer is: you can state only that your second great grandmother married a John Smith, but you don't know for sure which family he belonged to. This kind of thing happens a lot in genealogical research, especially when records become more and more scant as you delve into more distant generations.

The family histories presented on Arborealis are not built on supposition or speculation. Be forewarned that, unfortunately, many people have drafted family trees for these surnames based on guess work, resulting in "speculative family fiction" rather than a credible family history.

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