Stevenson of Stewartstown, county Tyrone

Recently, I travelled to Salt Lake City on a three-week research trip, in order to attend the LDS' family history library. My research objective was very specific: to take my sixty-four pages of Registry of Deeds index entries (which were compiled over the course of a few months), and obtain scanned copies of deeds involving the Stevensons of Stewartstown, and related families.

With the kind support of the staff at the Family History Library, I returned home with copies of 785 deeds. These deeds pertain to the following families (with the number of deeds found for each):

  • Anketell of Dernamuck, co. Monaghan, and the parish of Donaghenry in county Tyrone (1)
  • Ferguson of Farriter, parish of Killeeshil, county Tyrone (7)
  • Girvin of the parishes of Aghaloo, county Tyrone, and Derrynoose and Keady in county Armagh (80)
  • Huggins of Glenarb, parish of Aghaloo; Dungannon; Skenarget, parish of Desertcreat; Gortgonis, parish of Tullyniskan; and Strabane (66)
  • Kennedy of Carland, parish of Donaghmore, and Benburb, parish of Clonfeacle (16)
  • Ledlie of Carnan, parish of Arboe, county Tyrone (55)
  • Marshall of the parishes of Aghaloo & Carnteel, county Tyrone; also of Blackwatertown, county Armagh (248)
  • McCormick of Tattykeel, parish of Kildress, and Cookstown, parish of Derryloran, both in the county of Tyrone (19)
  • Reed, parishes of Donaghenry and Ballyclog, county Tyrone (3)
  • Sharp of Coagh, parish of Tamlaght, county Tyrone (7)
  • Shuter of Drummond, parish of Pomeroy, county Tyrone (34)
  • Speer of Sorne, parish of Donaghenry, county Tyrone (44)
  • Stevenson† of Stewartstown, and the parishes of Donaghenry and Tullyniskan, county Tyrone; and Killyfaddy, parish of Lisnadill, and Drumgor, parish of Seagoe, in the county of Armagh (105)
  • Templeton of Stewartstown, county Tyrone (45)
  • Thompson of Crievelough, parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone (24)
  • ... and other families in the counties of Armagh and Tyrone, including the Clark, Crawford, Hamilton, Mountgarrett, Riky, and Riggs surnames.

Spelling variants include Stephenson, Steenson, Steinson, Stenson, Stevinson, Stinson, and Stivenson.

The earliest document dates to 1692, while most of the remainder cover the period, 1720-1869. This list attests to a large extended family, most of whom were ancestors or relatives of John Joseph Huggins (1816-1876) of Caledon.

Over the next several months (at least!), my goals are to sort and transcribe these deeds, send index entries to Nick Reddan's Registry of Deeds index web site, and post the transcripts to my web pages—and to integrate these deeds with a number of other documents, including wills, news articles, and local history resources—in order to tell the story of the Stevenson family of Stewartstown and their related families.

Those with similar research interests may wish to check the Latest Additions page now and again to see what new information is posted from time to time. If anyone finds a genealogical gem in any of these postings, please consider using our Contact page to get in touch.


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