Smyth, Smyth, and Smyth

Anyone researching his or her Presbyterian ancestors in the parishes of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crilly, would be forgiven for becoming confused, fairly quickly, about the various and sundry Rev. Mr. Smyths in the mix. Between the latter half of the eighteenth century and extending into the mid-nineteenth century, there were three men answering to this name, each of whom had the charge of a Presbyterian congregation in the locality. The short answer to the question, "Which Rev. Mr. Smyth was whych?" is given by the following summary:

The links lead to biographical sketches, describing very different personalities. The sketch for the first Rev. Mr. Smyth is just that, a brief outline of his life's work. In contrast, much more is known about the second Rev. Mr. Smyth, whose mortal career was one of political dissidence and turbulence while, somehow, he remained firmly and steadfastly the leader of the flock at Kilrea. In still greater contrast, the style of the third Rev. Mr. Smyth, though pointed and substantial, was quiet, measured, and studied.

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