Marshall of the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone

75-494-54093 marshall seal

Memorial no. 75-494-54093 (Registry of Deeds, Ireland), dated the 1st November 1713, provides the opportunity to introduce family history research findings for the Marshall family in the parish of Aghaloo, county Tyrone. This memorial recorded an indenture of lease, whereby Thomas Whyte of Redhills, county Cavan, granted to Joseph Marshall, senior, of Annaghroe, parish of Aghaloo, a leasehold in Glendavagh townland, same parish, with a clause of renewal.

Marshall is a related surname for our Huggins line of Glenarb townland in the same parish, by virtue of a marriage between the daughter of John Huggins (d.1741) and Joseph Marshall. This gentleman appears to have been related to the Marshalls of Glenkeen and Glendavagh townlands. The burning question is (and has been for the decade or so that I have been trying to solve this genealogical conundrum), How? 

Compounding the research problem is the sheer volume of men named Joseph Marshall who issued from the patriarch. Ditto for the forenames Henry, John, and Michael. Thus, while my particular interest lies in the Glenkeen and Glendavagh bunch, it became clear fairly early on that, in order to have any hope of sorting the various and sundry Marshalls of Aghaloo, I was going to have to research them all. 😱 To date, then, I have amassed volumes of data—the generations from the late 18th century forward are in relatively good form—yet still have to crack the genealogical nut, Which Joseph Marshall was which in the early to mid 1700s?

Cue the Registry of Deeds. In a previous blog article, I mentioned having come home from the LDS' family history library in Salt Lake City in May 2016, with copies of 758 memorials of Irish deeds—248 of which pertain to the Marshall surname. I am hoping that between the transcription and analysis of these documents,† taken together with data already in hand and yet to be acquired,‡ this family history mystery has a chance of becoming resolved. † an undertaking estimated to require a year or so to complete.

‡ A few of us have done a very considerable amount of work on this extensive family, running into several hundreds of research hours (at least, and best not to ask about the costs). We know that there are other family historians with a keen interest in determining their lines of descent from the several Marshall families of Aghaloo. Please consider this a call for volunteers. I have a long list of records that need to be checked, either to LDS microfilms or at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast or the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

If you have a shared family history interest in Marshall of Aghaloo and are willing to contribute your efforts, don't be shy about leaving a message via our Contact page.


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