Great War Remembrances Project

Over the course of the next four-and-a-half years, I hope to complete biographical sketches for each of our extended family's casualties of the Great War. This is no small undertaking, as the number in the list shown on the page, We will remember them, stands currently at thirty-five. As I continue to fill in more details in my family history research, this number is very likely to increase.

Thus far, biographical sketches have been completed for Nicholas James Mervyn Archdall (1879-1915), of the parish of Ardess in county Fermanagh, and William Alfred Begley (1896-1918), of the village of Floore in Northamptonshire. Hailing from a prominent family in Ireland, Mr Archdall's origins are well documented. Mr Begley's beginnings, on the other hand, were considerably more humble: his father and his grandfather were chimney sweeps, and his mother's family were agricultural labourers.

For casualties whose families were lesser known, my aim is to provide information about the man's nearest relatives, a description of the village or town in which he grew up, an outline of his life from census data and other records including newsworthy events, information about his service during the Great War from the military records, details of his death and burial from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and other records, concluding with an epilogue that describes any memorials that commemorate his name and profiles surviving family members.

Note: This blog entry was published originally on 7 September 2014, and was edited on 8 September 2014.

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