(5) (Private)

(4) Ransford John George HUMPHREY
Birth1879-09, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England614,641
Death1963-03-14, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England, age: 83642,627
OccupationShunter, London & North Western Railway (1911), Omnibus proprietor643,627
Ransford’s and Rose’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- Ransford Humphrey, head, age 31, married; Shunter, L & NW [London & North Western] Railway, worker; born at Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire
- Rose, wife, 32, married 10 years, 4 children born and 4 living; born at Woolwich, Kent
- Gertrude, daughter, 9, born at Bugbrooke
- Ransford, son, 7, born at Northampton
- Ernest, son, 5, do.
- Winnifred, daughter, 3, do.
- Census place: 17 Sharman Rd. St. James End, Northampton643

The following index entry was published in the National Probate Calendar: Humphrey, Ransford John George, of 24 Towcester Road, Old Stratford, Northamptonshire, died 14 March 1963; Probate, London, 17 June, to Bernard Clare Tippleston and Arthur Lennard Singlehurst, solicitors. Effects £11161 1s. 8d.627
SpouseRose Harriet CUTBUSH
Birth1878-09, Woolwich, Kent, England643,644
Death1953-02-12, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England, age: 74645,627
FatherEdward CUTBUSH (1846-)
MotherHarriet (1845-)
Harriet’s father was born at Woolwich, Kent, and worked as a shoeing smith for the Royal Artillery; her mother was born at Twickenham, Middlesex.646

The following index entry was published in the National Probate Calendar: Humphrey, Rose Harriett, of 24 Towcester-road, Old Stratford, Northamptonshire (wife of Ransford John George Humphrey), died 12 February 1953; Administration, Oxford, 21 March, to the said Ransford John George Humphrey, retired omnibus proprietor. Effects £1851 14s. 6d.627
Marriage1901-03, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England647
ChildrenGertrude Maud (1901-)
 Ransford William (1904-1970)
 Ernest (1906-)
 Winnifred Avery (1908-)

(5) Gertrude Maud HUMPHREY
Birth1901-12, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England643,648

(5) Ransford William HUMPHREY
Birth1904-03-01, Northampton, England643,649,650
Death1970-03, Northampton, England, age: 65649
SpouseIna Isabel WILKINSON
Death1978-03, Northampton, England, age: 63651
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: The following birth index entry may be of interest: Ina I. Wilkinson, 3rd quarter 1914, Morpeth RD (Northumberland), vol. 10b, pg. 975. Source: ancestry.ca (accessed 2014-07-20, by subscription).
Marriage1955-03, Towcester, Northamptonshire, England652

(5) Ernest HUMPHREY
Birth1906, Northampton, England, age: 108643
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: There are two birth index entries of interest:
(a) Ernest William Humphrey, 1st quarter 1906, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg. 113; and,
(b) Ernest Edward Humphrey, 2nd quarter 1906, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg. 70.
Source: FreeBMD www.freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-07-20).

(5) Winnifred Avery HUMPHREY
Birth1908-06, Northampton, England, age: 106643,653

(4) Eva Maud Daisy HUMPHREY
Birth1881-09-24, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England620,654,655
Death1969-12, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England, age: 88655
After their marriage in 1904, Eva’s and Charles’ household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- Charlie Gardner, head, age 29, married; Platelayer, L & NW Railway, worker; born at Bugbrooke
- Eva Maud Daisy, wife, 29, married 7 years, 1 child born and 1 living; born at Bugbrooke
- Cecil William, son, 6, school, born at Bugbrooke
- Census place: Bugbrooke nr [near] Weedon, Northamptonshire656
SpouseCharles Rupert GARDNER
Birth1882-06, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England656,657,658
Birth MemoBaptised 13 August 1882 at Spratton, Northamptonshire.
Death1967-06, Northampton, England, age: 85659
OccupationPlatelayer, London & North Western Railway (1911)656
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
FatherHarry Rupert GARDNER (1858-)
MotherJane CHENEY (1856-)
Charles’ father was born in Northampton, and worked as a shoe clicker; his mother was born in Creaton, Northamptonshire.660 Harry Rupert Gardner and Jane Cheney were married in the second quarter 1881, in Brixworth RD (Northants).661
Research notes and questions: Recommend purchase of the death registration for Charles R. Gardner, to confirm.659
Marriage1904-06, Northampton, England662
ChildrenCecil William (1905-1936)

(5) Cecil William GARDNER
Birth1905, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England656
Death1936-09, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England, age: 31663
SpouseMary E. GARRETT
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: The following may indicate a remarriage for Mary E. Gardner née Garrett: Mary E. Gardner, to Samuel C. Clements, 1st quarter 1938, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg. 47. Source: FreeBMD www.freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-07-20).
Marriage1925-12, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England664
 Eric J. (1930-1932)

(2) 1.4 Alfred WILLS
Birth1830-01-10, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England16,665
Birth Memo1830-01-10 was the date of baptism.
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
When the 1851 census was enumerated, Alfred was a Private in H.M Army [regiment not specified], stationed at Chatham.666
Research notes and questions: Did not find Alfred Wills in censuses after 1851, or in the British Army service records held online at findmypast.co.uk (accessed 2011-04-18, by subscription), or in the National Archives’ online catalogue www.discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk (accessed 2014-08-21).

(2) 1.5 Elizabeth WILLS
Birth1831-12-25, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England16,667
Birth Memo1831-12-25 was the date of baptism.
OccupationHouse Servant (1851), Shoe Closer (1861), Monthly nurse, own account (1901)668,669,52
Flags1891 census needed, See research notes and questions, below.
When the 1851 census was enumerated, Elizabeth was in service with a family in Daventry:
- Thomas Stratford, Head, married, age 35, Innkeeper; born at Preston Capes, Northamptonshire
- Maria, wife, married, 33, Innkeeper’s wife; do.
- Eliza, daughter, 4; do.
- Harriet, daughter, 2; do.
- Elizabeth Wills, servant, unmarried, 19, House Servant; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Sheaf Street, Daventry, Northamptonshire668

After their marriage in 1856, Elizabeth’s and Edward’s household was enumerated in the 1861 census, as follows:
- Edward Waterfield, Head, married, age 27, Journeyman Cordwainer; born at Daventry
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 29, Shoe Closer; born at Everdon
- Anthony Lichfield, lodger, unmarried, 18, Journeyman Cordwainer; born at Walgrave, Northamptonshire
- Census place: London Road, Daventry669

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 1 August 1868:
Daventry Borough Police, July 25th.--Before the Mayor and W. Dickins, Esq. …
Assault.--Elizabeth Waterfield was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Richards, on the 21st of July. The parties are both married, and work for Stead and Simpson [see note, below].--Complainant said: On Tuesday morning we went for work, when the defendant said she would take her turn, and I said she should not. As we came from the factory the defendant abused me, struck me in the eye, and ripped my jacket.--Hannah Tallet: Was present at the shop when the complainant and the defendant had some words about their turns. She saw the assault. Defendant gave the complainant a smack in the face, and lugged her hair.--Defendant said she did not strike the complainant, but the complainant having pushed her at the shop, began to pull her hair.--Rosanna March said Mrs. Richards struck the first blow.--Ann Turner said she was present, and they both began together.--Their Worships thought it a pity and a shame for women to quarrel, and not be able to settle such differences without appealing to the law. There seemed to have been faults on both sides. The case was dismissed, and the parties pay the costs, 5s., between them.670 [Note: Messrs Stead and Simpson operated a shoe manufactory in Daventry, Northants.]

Northampton Mercury, 4 September 1869:
Everdon.--Charles Inns, labourer, Everdon, was charged with assaulting his wife, Elizabeth Inns.--The complainant, with a face frightfully bruised and blackened, entered the witness-box and said: On Monday night I went with my husband to the Plough Inn. I saw my son there, and I asked him to come home. My husband and I went home together. We were on very good terms. It was about half-past one in the morning. When we got into the house he locked the door, and knocked and kicked me till I became insensible. I don’t know why he beat me.--Goodwin Judkins: I was at the Plough, on Monday night. I saw the defendant and his wife come in. There was no quarrel. They seemed happy enough. I live next door to them, and when I got home I heard screams. The door was locked, and I looked through the window. I could see the defendant hitting her, but I did not see him kick. The complainant had not those black eyes at the Plough. I did not hear what they fell out about.--Elizabeth Waterfield said: I was coming home, and heard screams of murder. Their son was with us. I went to the window, when I saw the complainant lying on the floor and the defendant beating her. I had been to the Plough, where I saw them, and they seemed very comfortable together.--Police-constable A. Mott said he was on duty between one and two o’clock. He heard cries of murder, and he went to the spot. He found the complainant lying on the floor in the middle of the house, in a pool of blood. He asked her what was the matter, but she could not speak. He picked her up. The defendant was very excited, and said it served her right. The woman was sober.--Defendant said a quarrel arose, and he swung her down in the house. Three of the neighbours thumped her the other day, and how could she say whether the bruises were not done then. She is very drunken in her habits, and she sells and makes away with his goods and money. She even sells the bread he provides for his family to get drink.--The Bench had no doubt that the defendant had great provocation, but this was a very bad case to beat a woman to within an inch of her life. The defendant had a very good character, and had not been up before so that he would be leniently dealt with. Committed for one month, with hard labour. The Bench hoped this would be a lesson to the complainant, and lead to an amendment.671

Edward’s and Elizabeth’s household was enumerated in the 1871 census, as follows:
- Edward Waterfield, Head, married, age 35, Shoe maker; born at Daventry
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 30; born at Everdon
- William, son, 8; born at Daventry
- Annie, daughter, 4; do.
- Census place: London Road, Cottage Row, Daventry672

By 1881, Elizabeth and Edward had moved to Birmingham:
- Edward Waterfield, Head, married, age 49, Shoe maker; born at Daventry
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 49, Shoe Closer; born at Everton [sic]
- Census place: 13, Court 6 House, Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire673

In 1901, Elizabeth was visiting with her grand-niece, Elizabeth Barnes née Gore (1869-1944), in West Bromwich:
- George Barnes, head, married, age 33, Engine Driver (Stationary), born at Birmingham
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 31; born at Spitalfields, London
- Edith, daughter, 9; born at Selly Oak, Worcester
- May, daughter, 6; born at West Bromwich, Staffordshire
- Dora, daughter, 2; do.
- Fred, son, 12 days; do.
- Elizabeth Waterfield, aunt, married, 69; Monthly Nurse, on own account; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Census place: West Bromwich, Staffordshire52
Research notes and questions: There are two death index entries of interest for the name, Elizabeth Waterfield:
(a) 2nd quarter ending 30 June 1902 (age 71), Uppingham RD, vol. 7a, pg. 193;
(b) 1st quarter ending 31 March 1911 (age 77), Kings Norton RD, vol. 6c, pg. 230.
Source: FreeBMD freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-07-15).
Birth1834, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England669
Death1904-06, Kings Norton, Warwickshire, England, age: 70674
OccupationCordwainer (1851), Journeyman Cordwainer (1861), Shoe maker (1871)669,675,672
FatherRichard WATERFIELD (1816-)
MotherAnn PARKER (1816-)
Edward’s father was born in Shenington, Leicestershire, and worked as a labourer in shoe manufacture and as a cordwainer; his mother was born at Daventry, Northamptonshire, and worked as a shoe closer.676,675

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 18 July 1868:
Summer Assizes. ...
Daventry.--Job Clarke pleaded guilty of stealing a silk dress, a shawl, and a quartern loaf, the property of Edward Waterfield. In 1867 prisoner had been convicted, and previous to that before magistrates.--His Lordship said, however, that he would give him one more chance, and sentenced him to Eighteen Months’ Imprisonment.677

When the 1901 census was enumerated, Edward was an inmate of the King’s Norton Union Workhouse at Selly Oak, Worcestershire. He was recorded as: Edward Waterfield, Inmate, Married, age 77, Shoemaker; born at Daventry, Northamptonshire.678
Marriage1856-06, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England679
ChildrenWilliam James (1862-1879)
 Annie Eliza (1867-1876)

(3) 1.5.1 William James WATERFIELD
Birth1862-12-31, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England672,680
Birth Memo1862-12-31 was the date of baptism.
Death1879-12, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, age: 16681

(3) 1.5.2 Annie Eliza WATERFIELD
Birth1867-06-23, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England672,682,683
Birth Memo1867-06-23 was the date of baptism.
Death1876-09, Aston, Warwickshire, England, age: 9684
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: Did not find Annie Eliza Waterfield in censuses after 1871, or in BMD index entries after her birth quarter/year of June/1867. Recommend purchase of death registration, to confirm.

(2) 1.6 Richard WILLS
Birth1834-03-16, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England13,685
Birth Memo1834-03-16 was the date of baptism.
Death1907-06, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 73686
OccupationAgricultural labourer (1851), Road Man (1901)13,687
When the 1861 census was enumerated, Richard and two of his siblings were sharing a household:
- Richard Wills, head, unmarried, age 26, Agricultural labourer; born at Everdon
- Jane, sister, unmarried, 20, Lace maker; do.
- Felix, brother, 15, Agricultural labourer; do.
- Census place: 95, Grate [sic] Everdon, Everdon, Northamptonshire17

After Richard’s marriage to Angelina, their household was enumerated in the 1871 census, as follows:
- Richard Wills, head, married, age 38, Agricultural labourer; born at Everdon
- Angelina, wife, married, 32; do.
- Emma J., daughter, 7, scholar; do.
- Martha E., daughter, 2; do.
- James A., son, 2 months; do.
- Census place: Everdon, Great, Northamptonshire688

... and in 1881:
- Richard Wills, head, married, age 47, Farm Labourer; born at Everdon
- Angelina, wife, married, 48; do.
- Martha, daughter, 12, scholar; do.
- Selina, daughter, 7, do.; do.
- Alice, daughter, 3, do.; do.
- James, son, 10, do.; do.
- Alice Sawell [or Sarvell], mother in law, widow, 73, Lace maker; do.
- Census place: Church Road, Everdon, Northamptonshire689

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 22 july 1882:
County Court, July 14.--Before Sir R. Harrington, Bart., Judge. …
Richard Wills’ son James, aged 11, had attended [school] 62 times out of 181 openings. Fined 5s. Allowed a week to pay.690

… and in the 20 June 1885 edition:
Petty Sessions, June 17.--Before Captain Stopford, the Rev. V. Knightley, Mr. D.E. St. Paul, Colonel Lowndes, and Mr. E. Hibbert.
Richard Wills labourer, Everdon, was fined 2s. 6d. [the infraction was not specified].691

1891 census:
- Richard Wills, head, married, age 57, Agricultural labourer; born at Everdon
- Angelina, wife, 53; do.
- James A., son, single, 20, Agricultural labourer; do.
- Mathias R. Begley, grandson, 4; born at Floore [sic], Northamptonshire
- Census place: Main Street, Everdon692
... Mathias was the son of Richard’s and Angelina’s daughter, Martha.
... Richard’s household was a few doors away from that of his brother, Felix.693

... and in 1901:
- Richard Wills, head, married, age 67, Road Man; born at Everdon
- Angelina, wife, married, 64; do.
- Matthias R. Begley, grandson, 14, Ordinary Agricultural Labourer; born at Floore
- John Begley, grandson, 11; do.
- Census place: Barlly Mow Inn, Everdon687
SpouseAngelina CARVELL
Birth1839, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England688
Death1915-12, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 76694
FatherSamuel CARVELL (1796-1851)
MotherAlice BROWN (1811-)
Angelina’s parents, Samuel Carvell and Alice Brown, were married on 26 December 1836 in Everdon, Northamptonshire.695 Alice was born in Everdon, Northants, as probably was her husband. After Samuel’s death in 1851, Alice supported the family by working as a charwoman and a lacemaker.689,696

After her husband, Richard, died in 1907, Angelina’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- Angelina Wills, Head, age 73, widow; 6 children born, 4 still living, and 2 died; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Everdon, Daventry, Northamptonshire697
Marriage1862-12, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England698
ChildrenEmma Jane (1863-1883)
 Martha Elizabeth (1868-1934)
 James Alfred (1871-1945)
 Sarah Selina (1874-1960)
 Alice Louisa (1877-)

(3) 1.6.1 Emma Jane WILLS
Birth1863-09, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England688,699
Death1883-06, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 19700
OccupationGeneral servant (1881)701
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
When the 1881 census was enumerated, Emma was in service in William Holloway’s household in Birmingham:
- William Holloway, head, married, age 42, Pocket book maker & Stationer; born at Kidderminster, Worcestershire
- Ann, wife, married, 38, born at Birmingham
- Annie E., daughter, 13, scholar, born at Birmingham
- William A., son, 10, do., do.
- Arthur E., son, 5, born at Birmingham
- Emma J. Wells [sic], servant, unmarried, 17, General Servant; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Census place: 75 Lower Hurst street, Birmingham, Warwickshire701
Research notes and questions: (1) Searched the 1891 and 1901 censuses for women named Emma, born in Everdon, Northamptonshire, between 1861-1865, and did not find Emma Jane Wills, either single or married.

(2) Recommend purchase of civil registration of death, to confirm.700

(3) 1.6.2 Martha Elizabeth WILLS
Birth1868-09, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England688,702
Death1934-03-22, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 65703,704
Death Memo1934-03-22 was the date of burial.
After their marriage in 1885, Martha’s and Matthias’ household was enumerated in the 1891 census, as follows:
- Matthias J. Begley, Head, married, age 28, Chimney Sweeper; born at Floore, Northamptonshire
- Martha E., wife, married, 23; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Emma L., daughter, 3; do.
- John J., son, 1; do.
- Census place: High Street, Floore, Northamptonshire693
... Their eldest child, Matthias R., was visiting with Martha’s parents in Daventry.692

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 23 February 1900:
Northampton Divisional Petty Sessions.
Wednesday.--Before Mr. T.F. Hazelhurst (in the chair), Mr. T. Whitford, Mr. F. Letts, and Mr. F. Perkins.
Three Months for Wife Assault at Floore.
Mathias J. Begley, Floore, was summoned for assaulting his wife, Martha, at Floore, on Feb. 16th.--Complainant said that her husband came home on the night in question mad drunk. Witness told him she could not put up with his drunkenness, and he then swore at her, struck her several times, and picked up the fire-tongs and threatened to knock her brains out. The screams of the children attracted some persons who were passing, to the house, and the defendant was dragged out and locked in his mother's house. Defendant ultimately got out, and burst into the house again. He threatened to "do for her" repeatedly.--Defendant admitted that he came home the worse for drink, and his wife commenced to quarrel with him and he struck her.--Superintendent Webster said that the complainant had summoned the defendant once before for assaulting her, but withdrew her summons.--The Magistrates said that they considered the case one of aggravated assault, and the defendant would have to go to prison for three months with hard labour.705

Northampton Mercury, 13 July 1900:
Divisional Petty Sessions.
Wednesday.--Before Lieutenant-Colonel J.H. Lowndes (in the chair) and Mr. P.E.T. Hibbert.
A Separation Order--Matthias Begley, chimney sweep, Stony Stratford, was summoned for deserting his wife at Everdon within the last six months.--Martha E. Begley[,] wife of defendant, said they were married 15 years ago, and there were four children the youngest of whom was 18 months.--The separation order was granted, the wife to have the custody of the children, and defendant to pay 7s. 6d. a week.706

Martha’s household was enumerated in the 1901 census, as follows:
- Martha E. Begley, Head, married, age 33; born at Everdon
- Eva Selina, daughter, 6; born at Floore
- William A., son, 4; do.
- Edward T., son, 2; do.
- Census place: Everdon, Northamptonshire707
... Martha’s sons, Mathias and John, were visiting (or living?) with her parents in Daventry.687
... Martha’s husband was enumerated in his brother’s household at Floore.708

After her husband Matthias’ death in 1910, Martha’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- Martha Begley, [Head not stated], age 42, widow; 7 children born, 6 still living, 1 died; born at Everdon
- John, son, single, 21, Farm labourer; do.
- William, son, 14, do.; born at Flore
- Edward, son, 12, school; do.
- Census place: Everdon, Daventry, Northamptonshire709

At the time of her death, Martha Elizabeth Begley lived in School Lane, Everdon.704
SpouseMatthias John BEGLEY
Birth1860-09, Floore, Northamptonshire, England693,710
Death1910-03, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 49711
OccupationChimney Sweeper (1891)693
FatherMatthias BEGLEY (1827-1889)
MotherLouisa BEGLEY (1831-)
Matthias’ father, Matthias sen., was born at Northampton, and was a chimney sweeper by trade;712 his mother was born at Lutterworth, Leicestershire.708 Matthias Begley, sen. and Louisa Begley were married in the 2nd quarter 1856 in Kettering RD, Northamptonshire.713

When the 1901 census was enumerated, Matthias, jun., was visiting (or staying?) with his brother, John:
- John Begley, Head, single, age 32, Chimney Sweep; born at Flore, Northamptonshire
- Mathias, brother, single, 40, do.; do.
- William Coles, servant, single, 38, do.; born at Tingewick, Buckinghamshire
- Louise Begley, mother, widow, 70; born at Lutterworth, Leicestershire
- Census place: Glassthorpe Hills Farm, Floore, Northamptonshire708

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 4 October 1901:
Divisional Petty Sessions.
Tuesday--Before the Duke of Grafton (in the chair), Major Price Blackwood, Mr. E. Grant, Mr. W.D. Grant-Ives, and Mr. J. Chettle.
Assaults at Potterspury.--Matthias Begley, Stony Stratford, was charged with a common assault upon Henry Toombs, at Potterspury, on Sept. 27th.--Defendant was further charged with assaulting George Druce, at the same time and place.--Henry Toombs, landlord of the Old Talbot Inn at Potterspury, said prisoner came to his house about six o'clock, and asked for beer, which witness's son refused to supply him with. Witness then went out of the house, when prisoner struck him with his fist three times. George Druce, who came by, said prisoner was drunk, and he would go and fetch the police-sergeant. Druce had not gone ten yards when prisoner ran after him and kicked him. Druce caught hold of prisoner, and they both fell together. Witness assisted in holding prisoner down, and the police-constable was sent for. He was not at home, however, and Begley promising to go away quietly, he was allowed to do so.--George Druce, Potterspury, corroborated, and said he was in great pain from the kick, and went to the doctor the next day.--Frederick Linnell, medical practitioner, Potterspury, gave evidence as to the injuries sustained by George Druce, and said there might be some serious results.--P.S. Robinson deposed to following prisoner to Towcester on the night in question, and to arresting him. Upon being charged prisoner said, "I know I kicked him, but I shouldn't have done if he hadn't taken hold of me." Prisoner admitted he was drunk, but said Druce was in the house, and both the landlord and Druce "doubled into" him. If they had refused to serve him he should have come out, as he did not go there for a row.--In the first case prisoner was ordered to pay 10s. fine and 8s. 6d. costs, or 14 days' in default; and in the second case a fine of £1 and costs £1 2s. 4d., or one month's imprisonment in default.714

Northampton Mercury, 25 July 1902:
Divisional Petty Sessions.
Wednesday.--Before Captain J.R.P. Clarke and Mr. W. Murland.
Matthias J. Begley, Flore, was charged with disobeying an order of the justices to contribute 7s. 6d. per week towards the support of his wife and family.--The prisoner's wife said the arrears were £2 12s. 6d.--Prisoner said he had only been out of gaol a fortnight. He did not intend to pay. He would work it out on "The Mounts."--Captain Clarke: You had better pay.--Prisoner: Not half a farthing.--Committed for one month.--Prisoner: Very good, sir; much obliged. (To his wife): You can send on another warrant as soon as I am out.715

Northampton Mercury, 24 October 1907:
Would Not Promise.
At Northampton, yesterday, Matthias Begley, charged with drunkenness, was asked if he would become an abstainer. "Certainly not, gentlemen, he replied. "How could I resist the temptation to have a little drink after working hard on the land? Oh, no! I cannot make false promises." He was fined 5s.716
Marriage1885-03, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England717
ChildrenMathias Richard (1886-1944)
 Emma Louisa (1887-1953)
 John James (1889-1976)
 Eva Selina (1895-1958)
 William Alfred (1896-1918)
 Edward Thomas (1899-1934)

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