(5) 1.2b.7.10.2 (Private)

(4) 1.2b.7.11 Wilfred Maurice GOODE
Birth1907-03-17, Preston Capes, Northamptonshire, England435,480,441,481
Birth MemoFirst name spelt as “Wilfrid” in birth index entry. Baptised 19 May 1907.
Death1973-06, Coventry, Warwickshire, England, age: 66481
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Attended the village school in Preston Capes, Northamptonshire between 17 June 1911 and 24 March 1921.441
Research notes and questions: No birth index entries found for the surname, Goode, with mother’s surname, Halliday (searched the period, 1920-1960). Source: ancestry.ca (accessed 2014-08-08, by subscription).
SpouseOlive HALLIDAY
Marriage1931-09, Coventry, Warwickshire, England482
No Children

(2) 1.3 Sarah Ann WILLS
Birth1827-10-28, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England16,483
Birth Memo1827-10-28 was the date of baptism.
Death1907-06, Northampton, England, age: 79484
OccupationCharwoman (1871), Charwoman & Laundress (1881)485,486
After their marriage in 1850, Sarah Ann’s and George’s household was enumerated in the 1851 census, as follows:
- George Asbhy, head, married, age 24, Agricultural labourer, born at Bugbrooke
- Sarah Ann, wife, married, 23, born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- William Rushall, visitor, unmarried, 25, Master Shoe Maker, born at Braunston, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire487

… and in 1861:
- Geo’e Ashby, head, married, age 34, Agricultural labourer, born at Bugbrooke
- Sarah, wife, married, 33, Agricultural labourer’s wife, born at Everdon
- Ellen, daughter, 9, scholar, born at Bugbrooke
- Geo’e, son, 8, do., do.
- Sarah Ann, daughter, 6, do., do.
- Census place: Main street, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire488

… and in 1871:
- George Ashby, head, married, age 44, Almshouse Man, born at Bugbrooke
- Sarah A., wife, married, 44, Char Woman, born at Everdon
- Ellen, daughter, unmarried, 19, Laundress, born at Bugbrooke
- Census place: Main street, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire485

After her husband’s death in 1879, Sarah Ann’s household was enumerated in the 1881 census, as follows:
- Sarah Anne Ashby, head, widow, age 54, Charwoman & Laundress; born at Everdon, Northants
- William T. Campion, son in law, married, 30, Bricklayer; born at Blakesly, Northants
- Ellen Campion, daughter, married, 29; born at Bugbrooke, Northants
- Census place: Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire486

When the 1891 census was enumerated, Sarah Ann was living with her niece, Maria Goode, in Preston Capes, Northamptonshire:
- George Goode, head, married, age 30, Labourer; born at Mollington, Warwickshire
- Maria, wife, married, 34, born at Preston Capes
- Katherine, daughter, 3, do.
- John Thomas, son, 2, do.
- Samuel James, son, 1, do.
- Sarah Ann Ashby, aunt, widow, 63, born at Everdon
- Census place: Cottage, Preston Capes, Northamptonshire489

By 1901, Sarah Ann had moved back to Bugbrooke:
- Sarah A. Ashby, head, widow, age 74, Retired Laundress, born at Everdon
- Census place: High street, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire490
SpouseGeorge ASHBY
Birth1827-03-04, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England487,491
Birth Memo1827-03-04 was the date of baptism.
Death1879-09, Northampton, England, age: 52492
OccupationAgricultural labourer (1851), Almshouse Man (1871)487,485
FatherJohn ASHBY (1793-)
MotherMary TURNER (1796-)
George’s parents were born at Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire; his father worked as an agricultural labourer and as a sawyer.493,494 John Ashby and Mary Turner were married on 21 April 1814 at Cold Higham, Northamptonshire.495
Marriage1850-12, Northampton, England496
ChildrenEllen (1851-)
 George Alfred (1855-1940)
 Sarah Ann E. (1855-1886)

(3) 1.3.1 Ellen ASHBY
Birth1851-06, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England488,497
OccupationLaundress (1871)485
After their marriage in 1872, Ellen and William were living with Ellen’s mother in Bugbrooke, as enumerated in the 1881 census:
- Sarah Anne Ashby, head, widow, age 54, Charwoman & Laundress; born at Everdon, Northants
- William T. Campion, son in law, married, 30, Bricklayer; born at Blakesly, Northants
- Ellen Campion, daughter, married, 29; born at Bugbrooke, Northants
- Census place: Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire486

… and in 1891:
- William Camping [sic], head, married, age 41, Mason; born at Weedon, Northamptonshire
- Emily [sic], wife, married, 39, born at Bugbrook [sic]
- Joseph Ashby, lodger, single, 28 [or 20], Farm labourer, do.
- Census place: Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire498

… and in 1901:
- William Campion, head, married, age 52; Dealer in old iron, and Bricklayer (own account); born at Wootton [sic], Northants
- Ellen, wife married, 50, [Ironer?], born at Bugbrooke
- Census place: High street, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire499

… and in 1911:
- William Thomas Campion, head, age 61, married 36 years, no children, Bricklayer (Master); born at Woodend, Northamptonshire
- Ellen, wife, 57, born at Bugbrooke
- Joseph William Campion, boarder, 7; born at Woodford Halse, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Bugbrooke nr [near] Weedon, Northamptonshire500
SpouseWilliam Thomas W. CAMPION
Birth1851, Blakesley, Northamptonshire, England486,501
Birth Memo1861 census states 1849 was year of birth, at Woodend (1.2 miles from Blakesly).
OccupationBricklayer (1881), Dealer in old iron, & Bricklayer (1901)486,499
FatherJohn CAMPION (1808-)
MotherSarah (1805-)
William’s father was born at Woodend, Northamptonshire, and was a stone mason by trade; his mother was born at Everdon, Northants.501

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 22 December 1877:
Division Petty Sessions.
Saturday, Dec. 15th.--Before H.O. Nethercote, Esq. (chairman), Drury Wake, Esq., T.W. Thornton, Esq., and C. Smyth, Esq. …
Thomas Watts, Kislingbury, and William Campion, Bugbrook, were summoned for being drunk and disorderly and refusing to quit the house of Thomas Paine, at Kislingbury, on the 5th inst.--Watts, against whom was recorded a list of five previous convictions, two of which were in 1877, was fined £1 and costs; Campion was mulct in a penalty of 5s. and costs.502

Northampton Mercury, 22 January 1881:
Petty Sessions, Jan. 18.--Before His Grace the Duke of Grafton (chairman), and Colonel the Hon. A. Douglas Pennant.--John Campion and William Campion, bricklayers, of Woodend and Bugbrook respectively, were summoned for trespassing in search of game, on the 30th of December last, at Woodend. P.C. Silas Wayman heard the report of a gun, and saw the two defendants, who had a gun and a dog each. Witness took it from William Campion. The defendants had licenses for the gun and dog. Fined, with costs, 20s. each, or 14 days.503

Northampton Mercury, 4 March 1882:
Division Petty Sessions.
Saturday.--Before H.O. Nethercote Esq. (chairman), Col. Stirling, and Christopher Smyth, Esq. …
William Campion, labourer, Bugbrooke, was summoned for trespassing after game, at Upper Heyford, on the 6th instant.--Mr. Edwin Bishop, Lower Heyford, said on the day in question, about 12.30 o’clock, he saw the defendant and another person and a dog on land of which he holds the shooting. The defendant shot at something, but he could not say what. He had a bird or something in his hand. Defendant said he did not shoot at game, but only at a water rat.--Complainant not wishing to press the case, a fine of 5s. and 9s. 6d, costs was imposed.504

Northampton Mercury, 10 February 1883:
Petty Sessions, Feb. 7th.--Before Sir R. Knightley, Bart., M.P., Capt. Stopford, and the Rev. V. Knightley. …
Game Trespass and Assault.--John Harris, John Darby, sen., and John Darby, jun., all of Grimscote; George Roberts and Edward Webb, of Stowe-nine-Churches; Thomas Bishop, Pattishall; Thomas Corneyhidge, and William Campion, of Bugbrook, were all charged with a game trespass, at Stowe, on the 31st January.--Harris, the two Darbys, and Roberts were charged with assaulting Joseph Sergeant, on the 31st January; and Harris and the two Darbys were charged with assaulting Charles Sergeant, on the 31st January.--Mr. Andrew appeared for the complainant, and Mr. C.C. Becke for all the defendants--Mr. Becke, at the outset, took objection to the jurisdiction of the Bench, as there was a question of title, and the whole matter arose out of that.--Mr. Andrew put in the complainant’s lease, which leased the right of shooting over his farm and the plantations, during the pleasure of the governors of the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, and the tenant, Joseph Sergeant, to pay £5 per annum for the right of shooting.--The Bench thought that with the lease before them they could not allow the objection. The cases, therefore, proceeded.--Joseph Sergeant, farmer, Stowe, said he held a farm under the Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy, and rented the right of shooting over the farm and the plantations. On the 31st of January, about mid-day, he heard shots in the direction of the plantation. He went there, and saw the defendant Harris and the two Darbys. He discharged them, and asked for the rabbits. They had a gun and ferrets. Harris said, “All right.” Harris went away, and learning from Darby that Harris had a rabbit in his pocket, he ran after him, and took it away. [Article is lengthy, does not mention William Campion again, and concludes with:] The Bench dismissed the charge of poaching, because Mr. Roberts believed he had a right to kill rabbits; but the defendants must not go again, or they would probably be convicted.--George Roberts, Harris, and the two Darbys were fined 5s each, and 17s. 9d. costs each. Plaintiff’s costs, £2 10s. 9d.505

Northampton Mercury, 18 July 1885:
Division Petty Sessions.
Saturday, July 11.--Before Mr. H.O. Nethercote (chairman), Mr. Drury Wake, Mr. Christopher Smyth, Mr. F.B. Simson, and Mr. J.A.S. Bouverie. …
Alleged Theft of a Horse.--Andrew Coleman, labourer, Wood-end, Blakesley, was charged with stealing a horse, value £10, the property of Joseph Tompkins, Bugbrooke, at Boughton, on June 26th.--Mr. Andrew appeared for the prosecution, and stated that Mr. Tompkins at Boughton Fair “chopped” a cart and three sovereigns for a pony. The three sovereigns he borrowed from the prisoner’s father, who was close by, and immediately after the transaction prisoner jumped on the pony and galloped away. When he was found by the prosecutor he said that he had bought the animal for the three sovereigns, but this the former denied, and said that he had had no dealings whatever with the prisoner.--By Mr. F.J. Sheppard (who was for the defence): He denied being the worse for drink.--William Campion, brother-in-law to the last witness, corroborated the main points of his evidence, and in answer to Mr. Sheppard, said that prisoner’s father said he was not to have the horse till Tomkins [sic] returned the three sovereigns. It was true that Tompkins wanted to fight with witness because he urged him not to buy the horse.--D.I. Swain said that when apprehended, on July 1st, the prisoner said, “We bought the pony”; and afterwards, “I did not buy it; I know nothing about it. I worked for the man. I do not know where the pony is. I worked for my father. I left the pony with my father in Weedon lane this morning, and I went to Wappenham to see about some haymaking. My father told me to take the pony away on Boughton Green, and take it to the Bell, at Northampton.” After a great deal of trouble witness found the pony at some farm premises four fields from the road, where no one lived.--Mr. Sheppard submitted that there was no case to send for trial, and said he had five or six witnesses on each point in the case.--The Magistrates, however, decided to send the case for trial, and prisoner, who pleaded not guilty, was committed to the Quarter Sessions bail being allowed.506

Northampton Mercury, 28 August 1886:
Petty Sessions, Tuesday.--Before His Grace the Duke of Grafton (chairman), Mr. E. Grant, Mr. C.B. Fuller, and Mr. R.W. Watkins. …
Assault at Gayton.--William Campion, of Bugbrooke, was summoned for unlawfully assaulting John Kingston, of Gayton, at that place on the 9th inst., and was fined 5s. and 11s. costs, or 14 days.507

Northampton Mercury, 9 February 1889:
Northampton County Court.
Wednesday.--Before his Honour Judge Snagge, Q.C. …
Administration Orders.
The following administration orders were applied for under the Poor Man’s Clause of the Bankruptcy Act:-- … William Campion, Bugbrooke.--Debts, over £22 15s. 1d. …508

Northampton Mercury, 20 May 1904:
Northampton Divisional Petty Sessions.
Saturday.--Before Mr. C. Smyth (in the chair), Lord Erskine, and Mr. R.D. Carey. …
No Light.--William Campion, general dealer, Bugbrooke, was summoned for driving a horse and carriage without a lighted lamp attached, at Bugbrooke, on April 26th.--Defendant admitted the offence.--P.C. Smith gave evidence.--Fined 10s. inclusive.509
Marriage1872-06, Northampton, England510
No Children

(3) 1.3.2 George Alfred ASHBY
Birth1855-09, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England488,511
Death1940-03, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England, age: 84512
OccupationGeneral Servant (1871), Agricultural labourer (1881), Waggoner (1891), General labourer (1901), Cowman & Milkman (1911)513,514,515,516,517
When the 1871 census was enumerated, George was in service in William Montgomery’s household in Lower Heyford:
- William Montgomery, head, married, age 72, Farmer of 200 acres employing 6 men & 2 boys; born at Fawsley, Northamptonshire
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 71; born at Lower Heyford, Northamptonshire
- Frances W., grandson, 12; born at Heathercote, Northamptonshire
- Martha Hawkins, servant, unmarried, 20, General Servant; born at Stowe, Northamptonshire
- George Ashby, servant, unmarried, 18, General Servant; born at Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Weedon road, Lower Heyford, Northamptonshire513

After their marriage in 1874, George’s and Elizabeth’s household was enumerated in the 1881 census, as follows:
- George A. Ashby, head, married, age 29, Agricultural labourer, born at Bugbrooke
- Elizabeth A., wife, married, 24; born at Harpole, Northamptonshire
- Alfred E., son, 6; do.
- John G., son, 4; born at Upper Heyford, Northamptonshire
- Sarah E., daughter, 2; do.
- Sarah M. Cory, visitor, unmarried, Dress Maker, born at Harpole
- Census place: Upper Heyford, Northamptonshire514

… and in 1891:
- Alfred [sic] Ashby, head, married, age 27, Farm labourer (waggoner), born at Bugbrooke
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 35, born at Harpole
- Alfred, son, single, 16, Agricultural labourer, do.
- John, son, 14, Plough boy, born at Upper Heyford
- Sarah E., daughter, 12, do.
- Frank C., son, 7, scholar, do.
- Elizabeth, 5, scholar, born at Cold Higham, Northamptonshire
- George Cory, boarder, single, 37, General labourer, born at Harpole
- Census place: Upper Harpole, Northamptonshire515

… and in 1901:
- George Alfred Ashby, head, married, age 47, General labourer, born at Bugbrooke
- Elizabeth Ann, wife, married, 44, born at Harpole
- John Geo., son, single, 24, Shoe laster, born at Upper Heyfrod
- Frank Cory, son, single, 17, General farm labourer, do.
- Elizabeth, daughter, 15, Moniters(?) at school, born at Cold Higham, Northamptonshire
- Census place: Harpole, Northamptonshire516

Northampton Mercury newspaper, 26 June 1903:
Northampton Divisional Petty Sessions.
Saturday.--Before Mr. C. Smythe (in the chair), Mr. T.F. Hazlehurst, Mr. H. Marhard?, and Mr. J.S. Smith. …
False Pretences.--William John Conroy, chimney sweep, Northampton, was charged with obtaining 2s. 6d. by false pretences at Upton, on June 8th.--Prisoner asked for the case to be dealt with summarily.--George Ashby, labourer, Harpole, said that on June 6th he saw defendant in Northampton, and bargained for soot costing 1s. 6d. The soot was to be taken to Harpole. A similar transaction was made for June 8th. Witness subsequently saw prisoner at Upton, where Conroy said he had taken two sacks of soot to his house. Witness enquired the cost, and was told that it was 3s. As he had no change witness borrowed 2s. 6d. and gave it to the prisoner. When witness arrived home the same evening he found that only a very small quantity of soot, value about 3d., had been delivered.--Joseph Clark, labourer, Harpole, said he was in company with the previous witness at Upton, when prisoner accosted them and told Ashby he had delivered two bags of soot.--Prisoner protested that he asked Ashby to call, when he completed the payment, for the remainder of the soot.--Elizabeth Ashby, wife of prosecutor, and Benjamin Harry Collins also gave evidence.--Prisoner was sentenced to 14 days’ imprisonment with hard labour.518

George’s and Elizabeth’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- George Ashby, head, age 57, married, Farm labourer (cowman & milkman), born at Bugbrooke
- Elizabeth, wife, 55; married 36 years, 5 children born, 5 living; born at Harpole
- Census place: Lark Hall Lane, Harpole, Northamptonshire517
SpouseElizabeth Anne CORY
Birth1856-12, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England514,519
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
FatherJohn CORY (1814-)
MotherSophia (1821-)
Elizabeth’s father was born at Harpole, Northamptonshire, and worked as agricultural labourer; her mother was born at Nobottle Great Brington, Northants.520
Research notes and questions: There are two death index entries of interest:
(a) Elizabeth A. Ashby, 3rd quarter 1924, age 67, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg. 64; and,
(b) Elizabeth A.. Ashby, 3rd quarter 1928, age 71, Northampton RD., vol. 3b, pg. 79.
Source: FreeBMD www.freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-07-15).
Marriage1874-12, Northampton, England521
ChildrenAlfred Edwin (1874-1941)
 John George (1877-1935)
 Sarah Ellen (1879-1954)
 Frank Cory (1883-1971)
 Elizabeth Ann Sophia (1885-1960)

(4) Alfred Edwin ASHBY
Birth1874-12, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England514,522
Death1941-09, Northampton, England, age: 66523
OccupationAgricultural labourer (1891), Waggoner on farm (1901)515,524
After their marriage in 1898, Alfred’s and Sophia’s household was enumerated in the 1901 census, as follows:
- Alf’d Edwin Ashby, head, married, age 26, Waggoner on farm, born at Harpole, Northamptonshire
- Sophia Cory Ashby, wife, married, 26, born at Harpole
- Robert Ashby Cory, son, 6, do.
- Sarah Ellen Ashby, daughter, 2, do.
- Alf’d John Geo. Ashby, son, 1, do.
- Census place: Blackwell’s Lodge: Old Farm Hovel, Upper Harpole, Northamptonshire524

… and in 1911:
- Alfred Edwin Ashby, head, age 36, married, Waggoner on farm, born at Harpole
- Sophia Cory Ashby, wife, 36; married 12 years, 7 children born and 7 living; born at Harpole
- Robert Ashby Cory, son, 16, Farm labourer, born at Harpole
- Sarah Ellen Ashby, daughter, 12, school, do.
- Alfred John George Ashby, son, 11, school, do.
- Annie Sophia Ashby, daughter, 8, do.
- Doris May Ashby, daughter, 5, do.
- Albert Edwin Ashby, son, 3, do.
- Ada Evelyn Ashby, daughter, 13 months, do.
- Census place: Harpole, Northampton525
SpouseSophia Cory RICHARDSON
Birth1874-09, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England524,526
Death1954-09, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England, age: 80527
FatherHarry CORY (1852-)
MotherMary Bosworth RICHARDSON (1853-)
Sophia’s parents were born at Harpole, Northamptonshire; her father worked as a shoe rivetter.528 Harry Cory and Mary Bosworth Richardson were married in the 1st quarter 1877 in Northampton RD.529
Marriage1898-09, Northampton, England530
Marr MemoThe marriage index entry recorded Alfred’s middle name as “Edward.”
ChildrenRobert Ashby (1895-1917)
 Sarah Ellen (1898-)
 Alfred John George (1899-1961)
 Annie Sophia (1903-1963)
 Doris May (1905-1989)
 Albert Edwin (1907-1977)
 Ada Evelyn (1910-1918)

(5) Robert Ashby CORY
Birth1895, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England524
Death1917-08-22, Ieper, Belgium, age: 22531
OccupationFarm labourer (1911)525
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
During the Great War, Robert Ashby Cory was a Private with the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, 5th battalion. He was killed in action, and buried in Hooge Crater Cemetery.531

Robert was a second cousin, once removed, of William Alfred Begley (1896-1918).
Research notes and questions: Did not find a birth registration index entry for Robert Ashby Cory (searched freebmd.org.uk for various surnames, including Ashby, Cory, and Richardson, 2014-08-08).

(5) Sarah Ellen ASHBY
Birth1898-09, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England524,532
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: There are two marriage index entries of possible interest:
(a) Sarah E. Ashby, to George H. King, 1st quarter 1917, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg 79; and,
(b) Sarah E. Ashby, to Henry J. Hall, 2nd quarter 1924, Northampton RD, vol. 3b, pg. 232.
Source: FreeBMD, www.freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-08-08).

(5) Alfred John George ASHBY
Birth1899-09, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England524,533,534
Death1961-06-21, Northampton, England, age: 61534,535
The National Probate Calendar published the following index entry: Ashby, Alfred John George, of 24 High Street, Harpole, Northamptonshire, died 21 June 1961, at Abbey Works, Weedon Road, Northampton; Probate, London, 20 July, to Florence Lucy Ashby, widow. Effects £1910 9s. 7d.535
SpouseFlorence Lucy CLEMENTS
Birth1897-03-20, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England536,537,538
Death1986-09, Northampton, England, age: 89537
FatherAlfred CLEMENTS (1871-)
MotherMargaret RICHARDSON (1873-)
Florence’s father was born at Olney, Buckinghamshire, and worked as a shoe laster; her mother was born at Harpole, Northamptonshire.538 Alfred Clements and Margaret Richardson were married in the 2nd quarter 1890 in Northampton RD.539
Marriage1927-12, Northampton, England540

(5) Annie Sophia ASHBY
Birth1903, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England525
Death1963-09, Northampton, England, age: 60541
SpouseArchibald IZZARD
Birth1900-09-27, Weedon, Northamptonshire, England542,543,544
Death1973-03, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England, age: 72544
FatherAlbert IZZARD (1867-)
MotherLucy CLARKE (1870-)
Archibald’s parents were born at Weedon, Northamptonshire; his father worked as a postman.543 Albert Izzard and Lucy Clarke were married in the 4th quarter 1892 in Daventry RD.545
Marriage1927-06, Northampton, England546

(5) Doris May ASHBY
Birth1905-04-23, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England525,547,548
Death1989-01, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 83548
SpouseHarry William CHERRY
Birth1907-12-12, Stowe, Northamptonshire, England549,550,551
Death1987-12, Northampton, England, age: 79550
FatherArthur CHERRY (1873-)
MotherSophia TURNER (1870-)
Harry’s father was born at Northampton, and worked as a waggoner on a farm; his mother was born at Mersley, Buckinghamshire.551 Arthur Cherry and Sophia Turner were married in the 4th quarter 1899 in Potterspury RD, Northamptonshire.552
Marriage1943-12, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England553
No Children

(5) Albert Edwin ASHBY
Birth1907-08-01, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England525,554
Death1977-06, Northampton, England, age: 69554
SpouseJessie Margaret HURREN
Birth1902-02-25, Wandsworth, London, England555,556
Death1994-12, Northampton, England, age: 92556
FatherRobert George HURREN (1869-)
MotherElizabeth Mary L. CUMING (1869-)
Jessie’s father was born in Kensington, and worked as an engineer’s metal burner; her mother was born in Bermondsey.557 Robert George Hurren and Elizabeth Mary L. Cuming were married in the 2nd quarter 1895 in Kensington.558
Marriage1937-12, Northampton, England559

(5) Ada Evelyn ASHBY
Birth1910-03, Harpole, Northamptonshire, England525,560
Death1918-09, Northampton, England, age: 8561

(4) John George ASHBY
Birth1877-03, Upper Heyford, Northamptonshire, England514,562
Death1935-01-19, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England, age: 57563,564
OccupationPloughboy (1891), Shoe laster (1901), Wagon greaser, Railway Co. (1911)515,516,565
John’s and Lizzie’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- John Ashby, head, age 34, married; Wagon greaser, Railway Co.; born at Upper Heyford, Northants
- Lizzie, wife, 35, married 6 years, 2 children born and 2 living; born at Brackley, Northants
- Frank, son, 5; do.
- Dorothy, daughter, 2; born at Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire
- Census place: 5 Napier street, Fenny Stratford, Bucks565

Index entry published in the National Probate Calendar: Ashby, John George, of Helmsby Denbigh-road, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, died 19 January 1935; Probate Oxford, 3 May, to Sarah Elizabeth Ashby, widow, and William Gibbins, bricklayer. Effects £725 14s. 11d.564
SpouseSarah Elizabeth “Lizzie” FRANKLIN
Birth1875-09, Brackley, Northamptonshire, England565,566
Death1950-12-19, Buckinghamshire, England, age: 75567
FatherThomas Henry FRANKLIN (1853-)
MotherMary Ann (1854-)
The following index entry was published in the National Probate Calendar: Ashby, Sarah Elizabeth, of Helmsley Denbigh-road, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, widow, died 10 December 1950; Administration, Oxford, 18 April, to Dorothy May Sellers (wife of Sidney George Sellers). Effects £103 0s. 5d.564
Marriage1904-09, Newport Pagnell, Northamptonshire, England568
ChildrenFrank Edwin (1906-)
 Dorothy May (1908-1989)

(5) Frank Edwin ASHBY
Birth1906-03, Brackley, Northamptonshire, England, age: 108565,569
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: (1) There was also a Frank Edward Ashby, whose birth was registered in Northampton RD, in the 3rd quarter 1907.

(2) In trees.ancestry.ca, The Howells Family Tree shows Frank Edwin Ashby married to Grace Dorothy Jenkins (accessed 2014-08-08, by subscription). The marriage index entry was recorded in the 4th quarter 1932, Newport Pagnell RD, vol. 3a, pg. 2715 (source: FreeBMD freebmd.org.uk, accessed 2014-08-08). Frank died in June 1987 in Swansea RD (Glamorganshire), age 81, birth date: 10 December 1905, vol. 27, pg. 2095. Grace died in the 4th quarter 1964, age 58 [implied birth year: 1906], in Aylesbury RD (Buckinghamshire), vol. 6a, pg. 379. Source for death index entries: ancestry.ca, 2014-08-08.

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