(1) 1 James WILLS
Birth MemoNational Burial Index cites birth year as 1791. Criminal register (1841) implies 1793.
Death1847-12, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 561,4
Death MemoBuried 1847-11-28, in the parish churchyard of St Mary’s, Everdon, Northamptonshire.
OccupationLabourer (1841)5
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Published in the 9 October 1830 edition of the Northampton Mercury newspaper:
Commitments to the House of Correction. … James Wills, for fourteen days, for neglect of duty and misconduct towards his master, Stephen Hands, farmer, of Everdon.6

The following news articles explain James’ absence from the household when the 1841 census was enumerated:

Northampton Mercury, 1 May 1841:
Commitments to the County Gaol.--Richard Birt & James Wills, charged with stealing 70lbs. of coal, at Everdon, the property of the Rev. F. Green. …7

… and in the 26 June 1841 edition of the same newspaper:
Northamptonshire Quarter Sessions.
The following is a calendar of the prisoners to be tried at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, to be holden on Thursday the first day of July, 1841: … Robert Birt and James Wills charged with stealing 70lbs. weight of coals, the property of the Rev. Frederick Green, at Everdon.8

… and on 3 July 1841:
Northamptonshire Midsummer Sessions.
Earl Spencer, Chairman. …
James Wills was charged with stealing 70lb. weight of coal, value 9d. the property of the Rev. F. Green. Richard Birt was indicted with the prisoner, but pleaded guilty. The examination was put in in which the prisoner Wills confessed his participation in the theft. Verdict guilty--One month’s Imprisonment.9

When the 1841 census was enumerated, James was counted amongst the prisoners of the county gaol at Northampton. He was recorded as a labourer, aged 45 years [born c.1796]. The governor of the gaol was John Grant.10

The “County of Northampton Register of all Persons charged with Indictable Offences at the Assizes and Sessions held within the County during the Year 1842” recorded:
- Name of Offender: James Wills
- Degree of Infraction: Imp
- Age: 48 [born c.1793]
- At what Sessions Trial or Discharged without Trial: County Sessions, 1st July
- Offences of which those Tried were Convicted or Acquitted--and of which those discharged without Trial were charged on Indictment of Commitment: Larceny
- Sentences: Imprisoned:* 1 Months [sic]
- Acquittals: [no entry]
- Execution or Commutation of Capital Sentences: [no entry]3
* Other options for sentencing included death, transportation, whipping, fine, &c.
Research notes and questions: There was an older couple, James (born 1761) and Elizabeth (born 1766) Wills, residing at Everdon, Northamptonshire when the 1841 census was enumerated11... these may have been James’ parents or other near relatives. The elder James was buried at the parish church of St Mary in Everdon on 13 March 1851, at the age of 92 (implied birth year, 1759).1 Recommend research of the church records for Everdon, Northamptonshire.
SpouseMartha WAWMAN
Birth1803, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England12,13
Death1891-03, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England, age: 8814
OccupationLace maker (1841), Pauper (1851), Charwoman (1861)12,15,16
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
FatherJohn WAWMAN (1768-1814)
MotherSarah CAVE
Martha Wills’ household was enumerated in the 1841 census, as follows:
- Martha Wills, age 37, Lace maker; born in Northamptonshire
- Sarah Ann, 13; do.
- Alfred, 11, Agricultural labourer; do.
- Elizabeth, 7; do.
- Richard, 5; do.
- Caroline, 4; do.
- Felix, 2; do.
- Census place: Great Everdon, Everdon, Fawsley Hundred, Northamptonshire16
… Martha’s husband, James, was serving a prison term: he was enumerated in the 1841 census as an inmate of the county gaol at Northampton.10

... and in 1851:
- Martha Wills, Head, widow, age 47, (Pauper) Agricultural labourer’s wife; born at Daventry, Northamptonshire
- R. Wills, son, unmarried, 17, Agricultural labourer; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- C. Wills, daughter, unmarried, 16, Lace maker; do.
- J. Wills, daughter, 9, scholar; do.
- F. Wills, son, 4; do.
- Census place: Everdon, Northamptonshire13

Three of Martha’s children were enumerated in the same household, without their mother, in the 1861 census:
- Richard Wills, Head, unmarried, age 26, Agricultural labourer; born at Everdon
- Jane, sister, unmarried, 20, Lace maker; do.
- Felix, brother, 15, Agricultural labourer; do.
- Census place: 95, Grate [sic] Everdon, Everdon17

Martha had remarried two years earlier, to Edward Isom.18 Their household was enumerated in 1861, as follows:
- Edward Isom, head, age 44, Wood Sawyer; born at Greatworth, Northamptonshire
- Martha, wife, married, 55, Charwoman, born at Everdon
- Edwin, son, unmarried, 16, Shoemaker, born at Greatworth
- Tom, 9, scholar, do.
- Census place: Everdon, Northamptonshire15
… Edwin and Tom were children of Edward’s previous marriage to Charlotte Golsby (1816-1857).19

… and in 1871:
- Edward Isom, head, married, age 56, Agricultural labourer, born at Greatworth
- Martha, wife, married, 69, born at Daventry
- Census place: Little Everdon, Northamptonshire20

… and in 1881:
- Edward Isom, head, married, age 67, Farm labourer, born at Greatworth
- Martha, wife, married, 79, born at Daventry
- Census place: The Green, Everdon, Northamptonshire21
Research notes and questions: (1) Search for birth/baptism of Martha Wawman in the parish records; confirm year and place of birth, and names of parents.

(2) Martha’s sister, Elizabeth, was also married to a man named James Wills (1798-1865), of Daventry. Recommend searching the church records for the parishes of Daventry and Everdon, with the objective of identifying which James Wills was which.
Marriage1824-10-08, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England12,22
ChildrenSelina Wawman (1824-?1882)
 Catherine (Mary) (1826-1907)
 Sarah Ann (1827-1907)
 Alfred (1830-)
 Elizabeth (1831-)
 Richard (1834-1907)
 Caroline (1836-1867)
 Felix (1838-1844)
 Jane (1841-1896)
 Susannah (1844-1904)
 Felix (1846-1906)

(2) 1.1 Selina Wawman WILLS
Birth1824-06-21, Everdon, Northamptonshire, England12,23,24
Birth MemoBaptised as Selina Wawman at Daventry, 21 June 1824.
Death? 1882, age: 5725
Death MemoDeath index entry for Selina Cox in 4th quarter 1882, in Lambeth RD.
OccupationCharwoman (1861)26
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
After their marriage in 1849, Selina’s and William’s household was enumerated in the 1851 census, as follows:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 26, Miller’s labourer; born at Blackthorn, Oxfordshire
- Selina, wife, married, 27; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Ann E., daughter, 8 months; born at Braunston, Northamptonshire
- Census place: High Street, Braunston, Northamptonshire24

... and in 1861:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 36, Agricultural labourer; born at Blackthorn, Oxfordshire
- Selina, wife, married, 36, Charwoman; born at Daventry
- Ann, daughter, 10, scholar; born at Braunston
- James, son, 5, do.; do.
- John Earle, boarder, unmarried, 57, Tailor; do.
- Census place: High Street, Braunston, Northamptonshire26

Having left Braunston, Northants for the city of Birmingham, Selina’s and William’s household was enumerated in the 1871 census, as follows:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 46, Carter; born at Blackthorn, Oxfordshire
- Selina, wife, married, 47; born at Daventry
- James, son, 15, Currier [sic]; born at Braunston
- Samuel Turner, lodger, unmarried, 21, Carter; born at Fleckmore [sic], Warwickshire
- Census place: 225 Gooch Street (No. 13), Birmingham, Warwickshire
... Selina lived just a few doors from the households of her sister, Susannah Fevers née Wills (1844-1904), and her second cousin, William Wawman (1828-1893).27

... and in 1881:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 50, Carter; born at Blackthorne, Oxfordshire
- Selina, wife, married, 56; born at Daventry
- James, son, married, Packer; born at Braunston
- Charlotte, daughter in law, 21; born at Birmingham
- James, grandson, 8 months; do.
- Census place: 63 Angelina Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire28
Research notes and questions: Recommend purchase of civil registration of death of Selina Cox.25
SpouseWilliam COX
Birth1825, Blackthorn, Oxfordshire, England24
Death1895-09, Kings Norton, Warwickshire, England, age: 7029
OccupationMiller’s labourer (1851), Agricultural labourer (1861), Carter (1871)24,26,27
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
William’s household was enumerated in the 1891 census, as follows:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 67; Labourer, Caretaker to house; born at Blackthorn, Oxfordshire
- Martha, wife, married, 54, Charwoman; born at Newton Toney, Wiltshire
- Census place: Roslin, Ascot Road, Kings Norton, Moseley, Worcestershire25

After William’s death in 1895, Martha supported herself by working as a charwoman.30 She died in the 4th quarter 1911, in Kings Norton RD (Worcestershire).31
Research notes and questions: (1) One of the following baptisms, recorded in the parish of Blackthorn, Oxfordshire, may pertain to our subject: (a) William Cox, baptised 3 April 1825, at Ambrosden, son of Thomas and Edith;32, and (b) William Cox Webb Cox [sic], baptised 14 December 1828, at Islip, son of Mary.33

(2) Recommend purchase of civil registration of William’s marriage to Selina Wawman Wills34, in order to learn the name and occupation of William’s father.

(3) There are two death index entries of interest:
(a) William Cox, 4th quarter 1899, Kings Norton RD, vol. 6c, pg. 239; and,
(b) William Cox, 3rd quarter 1895, Kings Norton RD, vol. 6c, pg. 221.
Source: FreeBMD www.freebmd.org (accessed 2014-07-19.)
… Recommend purchase of these two civil registrations.29
Marriage1849-09, Daventry, Northamptonshire, England34
ChildrenAnn Elizabeth Smith (1850-)
 James Alfred (1855-1909)

(3) 1.1.1a Ann Elizabeth Smith COX*
Birth1850-09, Braunston, Northamptonshire, England24,35
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
At the time of their marriage on 11 April 1869, Ann and William lived in Union Street, Spitalfields. George Byrne and Martha Byrne were witnesses to the marriage.36

Ann’s and William’s household was enumerated in the 1871 census, as follows:
- William T. Gore, head, married, age 24, Carman; born in Middlesex
- Ann, wife, married, 23; born in Little Branson, Northamptonshire
- Elizabeth M., daughter, 1; born in Bethnal Green
- Selena, daughter, 1 month; born at Birmingham
- Frederick Sharman, visitor, married, 24, Upholsterer; born at Pimlico, Middlesex
- Census place: 9 Fleet Street, Bethnal Green, London37

… and in 1881:
- William Thomas Gore, head, married, age 34, carter & [illegible] hand; born in London City
- Ann Eth., wife, married, 30; born at Braunston, Northamptonshire
- Elizabeth Mary, daughter, 11, scholar, born at Spitalfields
- Annie Se, daughter, 10, do., born at Birmingham
- William Alfr, son, 4, born at Birmingham
- Arthur James, son, 1, do.
- Census place: 37 Emily Street, Aston, Warwickshire38

… and in 1891:
- William T. Gore, head, married, age 42, Carter to manufacturer, born in London City
- Elizabeth A., wife, married, 40; born at Branston, Northamptonshire
- William A., son, 14, Clerk, born at Birmingham
- Arthur J., son, 11, scholar, do.
- Census place: 3 House, 13 Court, Aston, Warwickshire39

After William’s death in 1894, Elizabeth Ann remarried in 1897, to Samuel Storer. Elizabeth’s and Samuel’s household was enumerated in the 1901 census, as follows:
- Samuel Storer, head, married, age 56, Mill Sawyer; born at Market Bosworth, Leicestershire
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 50; born at Braunston, Northamptonshire
- William, son, single, 24, [illegible] Sawyer, born at Birmingham
- Arthur Gore, son, single, 21, Railway Porter, do.
- George Storer, son, single, 16, do., do.
- Census place: 42 Ash Road, Aston, Warwickshire40

… and in 1911:
- Sam. Storer, head, age 66, married 15 years, born at Market Bosworth
- Elizabeth Annie, wife, 60, no children [with her present husband]; born at Braunston, Northants
- James Alfred Adams, boarder, 27, single, Wagon builder; born at Boldre, Hants
- William Arthur Rosa, boarder, 31, single, Coach upholsterer; born at Swindon, Wiltshire
- Edwin Compton Ostle?, 31, single, Wagon builder; born at Langley Hill, Derbyshire
- Census place: 36 George Arthur Road, Saltley, Birmingham, Warwickshire41
Research notes and questions: Finding a death index entry for Elizabeth Ann Storer is complicated by the fact that she had changed the order of her forenames from “Ann Elizabeth.” One of the following index entries may pertain to her: (a) Elizabeth A. Storer, 3rd quarter 1920, age 70 [born c.1850], Kings Norton RD (Worcestershire), vol. 6d, pg. 29; or, (b) Elizabeth A. Storer, 1st quarter 1921, age 70 [born c.1851], West Derby RD (Lancashire), vol. 8b, pg. 601. Source: ancestry.ca, by subscription (accessed 2014-07-28).
SpouseWilliam Thomas GORE
Birth1846-09-23, London, England36,37,42
Birth MemoBaptised 25 October 1846 at St Stephen, Coleman Street.
Death1894-09, Aston, Warwickshire, England, age: 4743
OccupationCarman (1869), Upholsterer (1871), Carter (1879)36,44,45
FatherHenry Charles GORE (1813-)
MotherMary Ann LAWRENCE (1817-)
William’s father was born in Teston, Kent; his mother was born in Houghton, Hampshire. On 14 May 1837, Henry Charles Gore married Mary Ann Lawrence in the parish church of St Luke, Finsbury. Henry Gore worked as a Porter (1846, 1851) and Carpet planner (1869). When William was baptised in October 1846, his parents lived at 9, Green Court, in the parish of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, London.36,46,47,48
Marriage1869-04-11, Spitalfields, Middlesex, England36
ChildrenElizabeth Mary (1869-1944)
 Annie Selena (1871-)
 William Alfred (1876-1951)
 Arthur James (1879-1960)

Other spouses: Samuel STORER

(4) 1.1.1a.1 Elizabeth Mary GORE
Birth1869-12, Spitalfields, London, England37,49,50
Death1944-10-10, Islington, Ontario, Canada, age: 7451
At the time of their marriage in 1889, Elizabeth lived at 43, Dymoke street, and George at 66, Ravenhurst street, in Birmingham. Elizabeth’s father and her sister, Annie Selina, were witnesses to the marriage.45

Elizabeth’s and George’s household was enumerated in the 1891 census, as follows:
- George Barnes, head, married, age 24, Stationary Engine Driver, born in Birmingham
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 21; born at Spitalfields, London
- Annie, sister, single, 18, Press worker machinery, born at Birmingham
- Lottie Williams, lodger, single, 21, French polisher cabt., do.
- Census place: 19 Pershore Avenue, Northfield, Worcestershire49

… and in 1901:
- George Barnes, head, married, age 33, Engine Driver (Stationary), born at Birmingham
- Elizabeth, wife, married, 31; born at Spitalfields, London
- Edith, daughter, 9; born at Selly Oak, Worcester
- May, daughter, 6; born at West Bromwich, Staffordshire
- Dora, daughter, 2; do.
- Fred, son, 12 days; do.
- Elizabeth Waterfield, aunt*, married, 69; Monthly Nurse, on own account; born at Everdon, Northamptonshire
- Census place: West Bromwich, Staffordshire52
* Elizabeth Waterfield née Wills (b.1831, Everdon, Northants) was great aunt to Elizabeth Barnes née Gore.

… and in 1911:
- George Barnes, head, age 43, married 21 years, 7 children born, 5 living, 2 died; Stationary Engineer, Municipal, Worker; born at Birmingham
- Elizabeth, wife, 41, married; born at Spitalfields, London
- Edith, daughter, 19, single; Relief Stamper, Printing Works, Worker; born at Selly Park, Worcestershire
- May, daughter, 16, single; Clerk, Printing Works, Worker; born at West Bromwich
- Dora, daughter, 12, school; do.
- Frederick, son, 10, school; do.
- Clara, daughter, 6, school; do.
- Census place: 18 Cambridge Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire53

Death notice, published to trees.ancestry.ca by Bruce Morgan (name and date of newspaper not cited): Barnes, Elizabeth Mary--On Tuesday, Oct. 10, 1944, at her residence, Watson’s Drive, Islington, Ont., Elizabeth Mary, beloved wife of George Barnes, in her 76th year, dear mother of Mrs. H. Woolley (Edith), Mrs. F.E. Pennington (May), Mrs. Charles E. Harris (Dora), and Fred Barnes. Resting at the Butler Funeral Home, Dundas St., Islington, for service Thursday at 3.30 p.m. Interment Park Lawn Cemetery.51
SpouseGeorge BARNES
Birth1867, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England49
OccupationStationary Engine Driver (1891)49,45
FatherGeorge BARNES
George’s father, George sen., was a painter by trade.

George Barnes emigrated to Canada in 1912, and his wife, Elizabeth, and children, Clara and Fred, followed in 1913, as recorded in the 1921 census of Canada:
- George Barnes; rents home ($32 paid per month), S (single home), W (wood construction), (5 rooms); head [other writing over this word, but not legible]; M2 [male], married, age 52; born in England, both parents born in England; immigrated to Canada in 1912, nationality: Canada; race: English, speaks English, does not speak French, Church of England; [all occupations illegible]
- Elizabeth, wife, female, married, age 50; born in England, both parents born in England; immigrated to Canada in 1913, nationality: Canada; do.
- Clara, daughter, F6 [female], single, age 17; do.; do.; do.
- Fred, son, M1 [male], single, age 20; do.; do.; do.
- Wiston Rersey [or Kersey?], lodger, M1 [male], single, age 21, do.; do.; do.
- Census place: Islington Avenue, Etobicoke, Ontario54
Marriage1889-10-13, Bordesley, Warwickshire, England55,45
ChildrenElizabeth Edith A. (1891-)
 May (1894-)
 Dora Selina (1899-)
 Clara (1905-)

(5) 1.1.1a.1.1 Elizabeth Edith A. BARNES
Birth1891-09, Selly Oak, Worcestershire, England52,56
SpouseH. WOOLLEY51

(5) 1.1.1a.1.2 May BARNES
Birth1894-06, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England52,57

(5) 1.1.1a.1.3 Dora Selina BARNES
Birth1899-03, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England52,58
SpouseCharles E. HARRIS51

(5) 1.1.1a.1.4 Frederick George BARNES 59
Birth1901-06, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England52,60

(5) 1.1.1a.1.5 Clara BARNES
Birth1905, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England, age: 10953
FlagsSee research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: There are two birth index entries of interest:
(a) Clara Eveline Barnes, 3rd quarter 1904, West Bromwich RD (Staffordshire), vol. 6b, pg. 887; and,
(b) Clara Doris Barnes, 1st quarter 1905, West Bromwich RD, vol. 6b, pg. 837.
Source: FreeBMD www.freebmd.org.uk (accessed 2014-07-19).

(4) 1.1.1a.2 Annie Selena GORE
Birth1871-03-03, Balshall Heath, Warwickshire, England37,61,44,62
Birth MemoBaptised 19 March 1871 at St David’s parish church in Birmingham.
OccupationJewel case coverer (1891)63
At the time of their marriage, Annie lived at 43, Dymoke Street in Aston, and Walter lived at 60, Ravenhurst Street in Bordesley, Birmingham. Annie’s father, William Thomas Gore, and Lottie Williams were witnesses to the marriage.64

When the 1891 census was enumerated, Annie and Walter were lodging in Albert Brown’s household in Aston:
- Albert Brown, head, married, age 21, boot maker; born at Birmingham, Warwickshire
- Sarah, wife, married, 23; do.
- Emily, daughter, 9 months; do.
- Walter J. Wesson, lodger, married, age 29, machine fitter and turner; born at Birmingham, Warwickshire
- Ann S., lodger, married, 20, jewel case coverer; do.
- Census place: 17 Box Buildings, Aston, Warwickshire63

… and in 1901:
- Walter Jas Wesson, head, age 38, tool fitter engine; born at Smethwick, Warwickshire
- Annie Selina, wife, married, 30; born at Birmingham, Warwickshire
- Percy Taylor, adopted son, 2; do.
- Census place: 101 Powell, Street, Heath, Staffordshire65

… and in 1911:
- Walter Wesson, head, age 49; toolmaker, gun trade, worker; born at Smethwick
- Annie, wife, 40, married 20 years, 1 child born, 1 living, born at Balshall Heath
- Percy, son, 12, school, born at Wolverhampton
- Census place: 104 Ada Road, Smethwick, Warwickshire62

Annie and Walter emigrated to Canada on the ship, Montclare, departing Liverpool on August 26, 1927.66
SpouseWalter James WESSON
Birth1864-02-09, Smethwick, Warwickshire, England63,65,67
Death1937-04-03, Islington, Ontario, Canada, age: 7367
Death MemoBuried at Park Lawn cemetery in Islington.
OccupationMachine fitter and turner (1891), Toolmaker, gun trade (1911), Toolmaker, automobile63,62,67
FatherWalter John WESSON (1824-1878)
MotherAnn FINCH (1827-)
Walter James Wesson’s parents were born in Birmingham, Warwickshire. Walter John Wesson and Ann Finch were married in the 3rd quarter 1849 in Kings Norton RD (Worcestershire). Walter sen.’s various occupations included grocer (1871), publican, beer-house keeper, and engineer (1878). At the time of his death in 1878, Walter sen. was operating the Island Tavern, Holyhead-road, in Handsworth, Staffordshire.68,69,70
Marriage1890-05-25, Aston, Warwickshire, England71,64
Marr MemoWalter James Wesson and Annie Selina Gore were married in the parish church of Holy Trinity, Bordesley, Birmingham.
ChildrenPercy Taylor (Adopted) (1899-)

(5) 1.1.1a.2.1 Percy Taylor WESSON
Birth1899, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England65,62
Birth Memo1911 census states birth place was Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.
OccupationMachinist (1923)59
Clara E. Barnes and Frederick George Barnes were witnesses to Percy’s and Irene’s marriage.59

On the death registration for his father, Walter James Wesson (1864-1937), Percy was listed as the informant. Percy lived at 38 Nickle Avenue, Mt. Dennis, Ontario.67
SpouseIrene Isabel GURNEY59
Birth1897, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England59,72
FatherEdwin Harry GURNEY (1860-)
MotherElizabeth DOW (1864-)
Irene’s father was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, and worked as a pen tool maker; her mother was born in Scotland.72 Edwin Harry Gurney and Elizabeth Gow were married in the 2nd quarter 1890 in Birmingham RD.73
Marriage1923-08-11, Islington, Ontario, Canada59

(4) 1.1.1a.3 William Alfred GORE

(4) 1.1.1a.4 Arthur James GORE
Birth1879-12, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England38,44,74
Birth MemoBaptised October 12, 1879 at the parish church of St David in Birmingham.
Death1960-12, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, age: 8175
OccupationRailway porter (1901)40
Flags1911 census needed, See research notes and questions, below.
Research notes and questions: (1) There is a marriage index entry for Arthur James Gore, in the 1st quarter 1902, to either Mary Ann Biddle or Ann Robinson, in Aston RD (Warwickshire), vol. 6d, pg. 504 … followed by a birth index entry for Arthur James Gore, 1st quarter 1903, Aston RD, vol. 6d, pg. 419. Source: ancestry.ca (accessed by subscription, 2014-08-07).

(2) Recommend purchase of death registration to confirm.75

(3) 1.1.1b Ann Elizabeth Smith COX* (See above)
SpouseSamuel STORER
Birth1845, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England40,76,77
Birth MemoBaptised 28 June 1846.
Death1919-03, Aston, Warwickshire, England, age: 7478
OccupationCircular sawyer (1891), Mill sawyer (1901)40,76
FatherWilliam STORER (1818-)
MotherJane BONSELL (1819-)
Samuel’s father and mother were born at Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, in 1818 and 1819, respectively; his father worked as a home work knitter.79 William Storer and Jane Bonsell were married in the 4th quarter 1839 in Market Bosworth RD.80

Samuel Storer married, first, Fanny Bailey, of Wheaton Ashton, Staffordshire, at Aston Warwickshire, in the 4th quarter 1873.81 Fanny died in Aston RD (Warwickshire) in the 2nd quarter 1894, at the age of forty-three years.82
Marriage1897-06, Aston, Warwickshire, England83
Marr MemoThe bride’s name was recorded as “Elizabeth Ann Gore.”
No Children

Other spouses: William Thomas GORE

(3) 1.1.2 James Alfred COX
Birth1855-12, Braunston, Northamptonshire, England26,84
Death1909-02-27, Aston, Warwickshire, England, age: 5385,86
OccupationCourier? (1871), Bedstead Packer (1891), Innkeeper (1901)27,87,88
When the 1881 census was enumerated, James and Charlotte, only recently married, were living with his parents:
- William Cox, Head, married, age 50, Carter; born at Blackthorne, Oxfordshire
- Selina, wife, married, 56; born at Daventry
- James, son, married, Packer; born at Braunston, Northamptonshire
- Charlotte, daughter in law, 21; born at Birmingham
- James, grandson, 8 months; do.
- Census place: 63 Angelina Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire28

... and in 1891:
- James Alfred Cox, Head, married, age 35, Bedstead Packer; born at Braunston
- Charlotte, wife, married, 30; born at Birmingham
- James Alfred, son, 10, scholar; do.
- Sarah Selena, daughter, 9, do.; do.
- Nellie, daughter, 7, do.; do.
- Minnie Elizabeth, daughter, 4, do.; do.
- Census place: 187, Cape Hill, Smethwick, Worcestershire87

... and in 1901:
- James A. Cox, Head, married, age 45, Innkeeper; born at Braunstone [sic], Northamptonshire
- Charlotte M., wife, married, 40; born at Birmingham
- James A., son, single, 20; do.
- Sarah S., daughter, single, 19; do.
- Nellie, daughter, single, 17; do.
- Minnie E., daughter, 14; do.
- Lizzie Harris, servant, single, 14, General Domestic; do.
- Joseph Chambers, boarder, single, 36, Saddler; do.
- Census place: Henley Street, Alcester, Warwickshire88

The following index entry was published in the National Probate Calendar: Cox, James Alfred, of 387 Bolton-road, Small Heath, Birmingham; died 27 February 1909; Administration Birmingham, 15 March [1909] to Charlotte Marinda Cox, widow. Effects £131 13s. 7d.86
SpouseCharlotte Marinda SHARP
Birth1861-03, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England28,89,90
Birth MemoBaptised 6 January 1861 at St Thomas, Birmingham.
Death1927-01-26, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, age: 6591,92
OccupationOff License Holder (1911)93
FatherJohn Charles SHARP (1836-<1871)
MotherAnn (1838-)
Charlotte’s parents were born in Birmingham, Warwickshire; her father was a butcher by trade.94 After her father’s death, Charlotte’s mother supported the family by working as a laundress.95

After her husband James’ death in 1909, Charlotte’s household was enumerated in the 1911 census, as follows:
- Charlotte Marinda Cox, Head, widow, age 50; married 31 years, 5 children born, 4 still living, 1 died; Off License Holder, own account; born at Birmingham, Warwickshire
- James Alfred, son, single, 30, Assisting in business; do.
- Census place: 387, Bolton Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire93

The following index entry was published in the National Probate Calendar: Cox, Charlotte Miranda [sic], of 385 and 387 Bolton-road, Birmingham, widow; died 26 January 1927, at 385 Bolton-road; Probate London, 9 March [1927] to Sarah Selina Fenemore (wife of Percy John Fenemore) and Abbotts Foster, estate agent. Effects £322 0s. 6d.92
Marriage1880-09-12, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England96,97
Marr MemoJames Alfred Cox and Charlotte Marinda Sharp were married at All Saints’ Church in Birmingham.
ChildrenJames Alfred (1880-1921)
 Sarah Selina (1882-1969)
 Nellie (1884-)